Katsumi — The Community based network of Zentachain


Katsumi is a network of the Zentachain project, it uses the same code with Zentachain. The purpose of the Katsumi project is to be a pure community-driven network. Katsumi is the early phase of Zentachain to analyze the future of Zentachain, also known as Zentanetwork, through experimentation.


The difference between Zentachain and Katsumi is that Zentachain is more stable, secure, and has more nodes (validators), which also results in higher throughput during execution. Also, Zentachain validators receive more rewards than Katsumi validators. In return, Katsumi provides more governance and has a lower throughput, unlike Zentachain. In short Katsumi is the peaceful and respectable network that sustains the future of Zentachain and both are independent networks. Also, the penalties will be less on Katsumi than on the Zentachain network.


While Zentachain has a supply of 5.5 million CHAIN tokens, the Katsumi Network has a 90% lower supply than Zentachain (550K KSI). While the fees and trading fees at Zentachain are preserved, Katsumi burns the received fees, which causes an anti-inflation at Katsumi until the Mainnet.

More info about the Token economy can be found on the doc-hub.


As known, those who own Zentanodes that support Zentameshnet work will be rewarded with CHAIN tokens, though this will not be the case on the Katsumi network. Nevertheless, Zentalk will support both KSI and CHAIN transmission and reception.


Katsumi is a Zentachain community network as you already know. We will definitely put Katsumi in the hands of the Zentachain community. The community has the right to use Katsumi’s trading fees, eg. for listing or incineration or repurchase but all steps will be accepted by the community. Of course, majority rights also apply here. Zentachain will create its own forum where the community can share information for future steps of the Katsumi network.


Katsumi will only be available in the Zentachain Trade-Hub and the trade will maintain liquidity and listings while allowing the community to vote here as well. The repurchase will be enforced, un-traded tokens will be burned or Zentachain will keep them until it is decided what will happen to them. For more information wait for the official post about Katsumi trade. Everyone is welcome to join the Katsumi public trade on Zentachain Trade-Hub.

Katsumi Network Links:

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!



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