Public Trade on the Trade-Hub | Katsumi $KSI #1

3 min readAug 6, 2021


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Dear Zentachain Community,

Below we explain the trading details of the Katsumi project, the community-operated network of Zentachain that we recently announced to you.

About Katsumi

Katsumi is designed as a community network of Zentachain and it is a network of Zentachain. Katsumi has the same code as Zentachain and some differences can be seen between them like the supply is 90% less than Zentachain. Katsumi has more governance instead of Zentachain, and it is the experimental version of the Zentachain network. Through Katsumi, Zentachain will be able to handle such things as the stabilization of Zentachain and much more. Katsumi will only be available on the Trade-Hub of Zentachain and the trade will maintain liquidity and listings. The repurchase will be enforced, un-traded tokens will be burned or Zentachain will keep them until it is decided what will happen to them. Everyone can join the Katsumi public trade.

Trade Durations

  • Start: 10.08.2021
  • Time: UTC 3:00 PM
  • Ends: 7 days or Trade-out


  1. Metamask Wallet
  2. Some Ethereum

More Information

  • Supply: 550K (KSI)
  • Price per Token: 0.50 USD / (ETH)
  • Min: 0,1 ETH
  • Max: 0,5 ETH
  • Hard-cap: 100 ETH

Processing to Trade

  • 1. Zentachain Trade-Hub
  • 2. Connect Wallet
  • 3. Enter to Dashboard
  • 4. Choose the Katsumi Public Trade
  • 5. Required entering amount of ETH
  • 6. After specifying Ethereum amount, click the Trade Button
  • 7. After the trade is successful, check your wallet and make sure you have your Katsumi. If you can’t see KSI tokens at the wallet, you are most likely missed adding the KSI token contract to your wallet with the necessary information in the add custom token section.
  • Technical Support

Our support is here for you if you have any technical problems during the Katsumi trading process, you are welcome to contact us via live chat support. He will be happy to help guide you through the trading process. Do not worry, you can not do anything wrong on the trade hub.


  • Execute the transaction only with Ethereum, do not send it via a Centralized Exchange.
  • Not possible to transfer the Katsumi token until it is listed on any exchange.
  • In case of any loss, the fault belongs to the user, will no accept responsibility by Zentachain.
  • Don’t lose your Metamask or Web3 wallet or seed, otherwise, we can not help!
  • There is no other place where you can trade KSI tokens except on Zentachain Trade Hub.
  • Katsumi is very volatile, and we would like to make it clear that Katsumi is a cryptocurrency with an extremely low supply.


In the next announcement, the trade of Katsumi has started. We would like to announce that some tokens can be reserved which will be burned after the listing so that the team will not have Katsumi tokens in its possession and Katsumi can take its own way through the community. Katsumi supply will grow on the main net through staking as a validator. However, we will be looking for a solution that burns the fees to counter inflation. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we will create a forum where the community can exchange information about Zentachain and Katsumi.

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!




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