Trade Process of $CHAIN Token

In a few weeks, trading with the CHAIN token will be live. We are currently working on a bridge solution that will allow ERC20 to be transferred to the main net. Those trading CHAIN tokens will not be able to transfer them for a few weeks. All ETH will remain in the router wallet until the pool is opened.

We want to remind you again, this is not a sale, this is not an endorsement of the ecosystem. CHAIN tokens are based on the community and Zentachain is a non-profit company. As we announced before, the first live Zajin network has been successfully developed and completed. The Zentachian devs team is currently working on the Main network.

All the team members of Zentachain will also not be able to transfer their CHAIN tokens. Even the team will validate in the network and bond their CHAIN tokens. If the solution takes longer, we will replace the contract opening the trade pool and put it in our community’s hands until we have the solution for the Main network.

Please do not trust any exchange that lists CHAIN tokens before Zentachain and we are not responsible for any loss. We will announce all listing processes via our official channels. Let’s bringing Communication and Zentachain where their place is.

Thanks & Best Regards Zentachain Team!

Zentachain is a decentralized high-throughput blockchain designed for secure with anonymous offline communication and data storage

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