Zentanode — Disaster & Solution


Natural disasters are becoming more and more common in our world, which has been greatly affected by global warming. As a result of the breakdown of communications, many people who were lying under the rubble were unable to be reached, resulting in casualties. Some services are unavailable to disaster response teams, making their work more challenging.


In these situations, Zentachain’s decentralized Telecom Miner Zentanode is a good solution, and that’s why we’re telling you about it. In case of a disaster, these devices, also known as nodes, datapoints, or routers, are a great convenience (if they are functioning and not damaged). It is possible for the nodes in the zone to establish contact and communicate with one another.


Mesh networks are known for their versatility. Nearly any device with wireless capabilities can be a network node, from wireless routers to mobile devices like laptops and smartphones. Because they don’t require a fixed infrastructure, these networks can also be set up quickly and easily. This all boils down to the fact that people prefer to communicate with the devices they’re familiar with in a disaster.


As you can see, the Zentanode is not just a simple miner, it is an important device that will affect the life of humanity, make it easier, and maybe even save lives. We are sure that it will become an unchanging and indispensable element of our lives day by day. It is an extremely useful and environmentally friendly device in terms of energy. We can even say that each node is a product gifted to the world.



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